630 Legislative Platform

The 630 Stand on Business-Related Issues

Taxation & Fees

We support and promote a competitive and fair business climate and accountability of all taxing bodies.

Business Climate

We support sound governmental policies that foster a business-friendly climate in the DuPage region. Supported strategies include:

  • Pension reform on the state and local level.
  • Comprehensive workers’ compensation reform.
  • Halting unfunded medical, educational, and business mandates.
  • Eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations and laws.

Workforce Practices & Policies

We support and promote a competitive workforce environment. Supported strategies and goals include:

  • Wage levels driven by the marketplace and a reasonable minimum wage that ensures our region is competitive with neighboring states.
  • Maintaining the principles of workplace democracy and fairness.
  • Making healthcare more affordable for employers, employees and self-employed professionals.

Economic Development & Entrepreneurship

We support efforts by local, regional, state and federal governments to coordinate and work together for further economic development and entrepreneurship throughout the DuPage region. Supported strategies include:

  • Public-private partnerships focused on economic development.
  • Intergovernmental cooperation and communication on economic development issues.
  • Incentives for investing in research, infrastructure, and the development and advancement of technology.

Transportation Infrastructure

We support and promote efforts to improve existing transportation networks and emerging technologies. Supported strategies include:

  • A comprehensive and responsible transportation infrastructure plan.
  • Providing access to a safe, cost-effective and reliable infrastructure that will support a stable flow of goods and services.
  • Taxes and fees on state infrastructure should promote these aforementioned goals.


We support and promote an education system that produces and sustains an innovative, qualified workforce that maintains high expectations, global standards and accountability. Supported strategies include:

  • Local control of school financing.
  • Policies and initiatives through which future workers are given the skills necessary for lifelong employability.
  • Increased efficiency and efficacy in educational systems.
  • Education curriculums that include increased technology and vocational training.


We support and promote investments in technology research and development. Supported strategies include:

  • Creating and fostering innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors to support early-stage businesses.
  • Creating and fostering the environment needed to develop technology incubator business programs.
  • Connecting new technology companies with funding sources to help their businesses grow and thrive.
  • Public and private sectors developing policies and procedures that improve and maximize the use of modern communications and electronic information services.


We support economically viable governmental regulations that help foster sustainability and green practices. Supported strategies include:

  • Streamlined and simplified environmental rules and regulations that offer maximum operational flexibility, reduced administrative burden and expense, and do not hinder economic development and job creation.
  • Voluntary environmental management programs.

Civil Justice

We support and promote transforming the civil justice system to better support all members of our community. Supported strategies include:

  • Lasting medical malpractice reform, including caps on non-economic damages, the option of paying malpractice awards over time, qualification standards for expert witnesses and emergency room liability standards.
  • Eliminating inducements to file frivolous lawsuits and inflate insurance premiums.

Test of Relevance

Prior to taking a formal position or expending resources on any legislative issue, Chamber630’s staff and Legislative Committee will consider the following questions:

Does the issue at hand comply with the committee purpose and/or platform of Chamber630?

Is involvement with the issue cost-effective?

Is involvement with the issue a duplication of effort?

Is the issue at hand one of relevance to, or originating directly from Chamber630 Members?

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