Chamber630 position on Ordinance Amending Liquor License for Tivoli Theatre

Jan 16, 2018

Dear Mayor Tully and Commissioners of the Village of Downers Grove,

On behalf of the 700 business Members of Chamber630, I am writing to ask that you support the referenced ordinance allowing an amendment to the Class T Theatre Liquor License provisions. While this change not only displays Exceptional Municipal Services, it actually indicates that the Village of Downers Grove encourages businesses to change with the times, incentivizes businesses who perform at a level of excellence and presents to your constituency and those considering becoming one, that there is a genuine interest in keeping commerce within the community.

The very first item in the Chamber630 legislative platform states that we support and promote a competitive and fair business climate. Tonight you will have an opportunity to demonstrate that you also truly support the businesses of your community. Please vote in favor of this ordinance.  

Laura Crawford

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