Massage Therapist Celebrates 20 Years – Celebration is in order for this accomplished massage therapist.

Jun 6, 2024

She did it! Sabrina made it past the five year mark. That’s typically when burnout sets in for a lot of massage therapists. Sabrina began to burnout, but recognized quickly that she needed to take matters into her own hands (pun intended) and focus on her own self-care, which is how she made it to 20 years.

Sabrina became a massage therapist because she knew she wasn’t college material. Sabrina struggled to keep up through her whole school career yet was smart enough to ask her parents for advice. They suggested going to a local school, living at home, working and saving money for the future. Sabrina took their wise advice and signed up for massage school the fall after graduating high school. That was the best decision for Sabrina as she started to thrive in massage school because of the “hands on” classes.

Sabrina has a passion for health, wellness and self-care. The motivation for her mission to create simple yet effective ways to care for your body and enjoy life. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are a huge part of what has kept Sabrina going strong as a massage therapist and entrepreneur for so long.

As her self-care journey progressed, Sabrina launched her speaking career focused on the topics of self-care and introverted leadership. Sabrina loves connecting with emerging leaders. In 2013, Sabrina joined the Woodridge Toastmasters club to overcome her fears of public speaking. Then in 2015, Sabrina won the Best Speaker of the Year Award!!

Her experience as an entrepreneur and introverted leader has led her to speak and educate all around empowering introverts. Sabrina is in the beginning stages of being a mentor to the youth as well; to inspire and support them in making positive decisions for a more impactful future.

Sabrina has beat the odds as a massage therapist and is still going strong! She continues to practice what she preaches on self-care and well-being. She is grateful for the inspiration and guidance of her parents. There are so many fellow massage therapists who helped her grow in her skills along the way. She is incredibly happy and grateful for her associates who have helped lighten the client load so she can speak professionally to inspire a larger audience.

One last connection that keeps her going… self-care from the inside out is the thread that flows through all aspects of Sabrina’s life and businesses.

To book Sabrina email her at with the title, ‘Speaker’.


Sabrina Schottenhamel is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Professional Speaker & Introverted Leader. Her passion for health, wellness & self-care is the motivation.

Her motto is “One Voice. Two Hands” which blends the healing touch of her hands with the power of using her voice to share her wealth of knowledge.

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