Breaking: White House Framework on Immigration

Jan 29, 2018

Thursday night, the White House released immigration framework for a proposed DACA. Stephen Miller, President Trump’s senior policy advisory, shared this proposal with Republican caucus members on a conference call Thursday afternoon. Proposal is below.

Main Pillars include (with details forthcoming on Monday) 
1) 10 – 12 year path to citizenship for 1.8 million dreamers
2) Establish a $25 billion trust fund for a border defense system, including a wall along the Mexican border
3) Eliminates the visa lottery
4) Curbs U.S. migration by extended families, new citizens would be able to sponsor their immediate families — spouses and minor children — to legally enter the country, but other relatives would be excluded.

We will wait to analyze the details – expected on Tuesday. A sure “deal breaker” would be mandatory E-verify that deports the parents to save the Dreamers. We will keep you posted.

View Framework On Immigration Reform Factsheet here.

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